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5 Fun Valentine’s Day Party Games using Conversation Hearts

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Planning a Valentine’s Day Party? Need some fun Game Ideas to play with the kids? Well I am going to show you 5 Fun Games you can play using Conversation Heart Candies. Not only are they fun, but they are also Simple and Inexpensive to put together and who does not love that?

Conversation Heart Candy is everywhere come Valentine’s Day and if your kids are in school you also know they will come home with tons of them from their friends when they do their Valentine’s Day Card Exchanges. My daughter likes to eat them, but my son does not care for them at all. So I always end up with tons of these left over every year. Ok Ok I admit it, I eat them too, but there are only so many I can eat. So what to do with all of them that are not eaten? Well, Play Games of course !!!

These games are fun for the Classroom, Valentine’s Day or just having some fun with your Kids. So let me show you….

What you will Need:

  • Lots of Conversation Heart Candies of course and it does not matter the brand you use either.

Each Game requires different items for game play which I will explain with each game, but the supplies are minimal

Conversation Heart Stacking Game

For this game your guests need to stack as many Conversation Hearts in 1 Minute without them falling over. Who ever can stack the most and still have them standing when time is up wins. Sounds easier then it actually is being the Candy Hearts are not completely smooth.

Chopstick Transfer

For this game you will need a pair of Chopsticks, Bowl & Plate. Have all your Conversation Hearts in a Bowl with an Empty Plate next to it. Set the timer for 1 Minute. See how many Conversation Hearts can be transferred from the Bowl to the plate in 1 Minute. Who ever can transfer the most in that time Wins !!! Oh and make sure they are only using one hand on the Chopsticks, my daughter tried to cheat – lol.

Straw Transfer

For this game you will need a Straw and 2 Plates. This is played just like the Chopstick Transfer above, but instead of using Chopsticks the guests have to move the Conversation Hearts using a Straw. So using just the Straw they must create enough suction to carry the Conversation from one plate to the next. Set that timer for 1 minute and see how many they can transfer within that time and again the one with the most transfers Wins !!!

Conversation Heart Bingo

This is a game I created and is available for Download. I have a whole separate post on it explaining game play here: FREE Printable Conversation Heart Bingo Game. It is played just like Bingo, but using Conversation Heart Candies and matching colors etc.. Kids love BINGO and they will also love this game.  Oh and I did mention it is FREE right? Who does not love FREE ?

Conversation Heart Matching Game

This game takes a little work to set up. First you need to sort through your Conversation Hearts and pull out all your matching Saying. Then just pick one of each pair to use in the game. Then you simply flip them over and mix them up and place them in rows. Now let the kids take turns trying to find the matches and if they find one they get to go again. See who can find the most matches. When the game is over they can eat the Game Pieces, now that makes for easy clean up huh?

So now when you are wondering what to do with all of those Conversation Heart Candies –

Think Game Time !!!

If you have any additional games ideas using these Hearts – Let me know and I would be happy to add them on here. Happy Valentine’s Day !!

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