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Angry Birds Cakes, Cupcake and Cookie Ideas

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With the growing popularity of the Angry Birds Game and Angry Birds Parties to come I wanted to put together this page to showcase some creative Angry Birds Cakes, Cupcake and Cookies that have been created. You will find lots of ideas and inspiration to hopefully create your own right here.

My recent obsession with Angry Birds came from my Son & Husband who introduced me to the game (I am now hooked too). I also just recently gave my son an iPhone Birthday Party Theme which incorporated Angry Birds and some of his other favorite iPhone games.

While looking forĀ  ideas on How to make Angry Birds Cupcakes I was amazed at what I saw that had been created around this game and wanted to compile it all in one place best I could to share with others looking for the same thing.

So that is what I decided to do and here it is. If you do not see your Angry Birds Cake, Cupcake or Cookie Creations below then feel free to add it on for all to see and show it off.

Now Check out this Angry Birds Birthday Cake that is interactive – Now that is just cool !!

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