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How to Make Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops

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Looking for a Yummy treat for the kids this Thanksgiving or maybe a Fall Party? You may want to try your hand at making my Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops. You have a Delicious Nutter Butter Cookie with Colorful Chocolate Feathers that everyone will love to eat. Not only do they taste good, but they will look great on your Table too.

These are Easy to make and I am going to show you Step by Step how I created them so you can do it too !! Gobble Gobble Sweet Turkeys here we come….

I just have to say that I had so much fun creating my Oreo Bat Cookie Pops that it inspired me to create these Turkey Cookie Pops. I had seen Turkeys made using Nutter Butter Cookies before, but wanted to kick it up a notch. I sketched out my idea and brought it to life and I must say I think they came out great – Yes I am patting myself on the back, that is OK right? So my Photo Tutorial is sharing me creating them for the first time !!

Here is what you will need to create these Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops:

  • Nutter Butter Cookies of course
  • Chocolate Melting Wafers – Red, Orange & Yellow
  • Cookie Pop Sticks
  • 3 Make n Mold Fine Point Decorating Bottles (Explained Below)
  • Edible Candy Eyes
  • Orange Starburst Candies (Optional)
  • Wax Paper
  • Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pop Template – This is my drawing you can print out and use is you like

So here are the majority of my Supplies ready to go. The ones that are crossed out I decided not to use in the end. Oh and the Lucky Charms in the background – they were not used for these Turkey Cookie Pops, but for my breakfast the next morning – lol. The only additional items you need is a Piece of Paper to draw out your Template (or Print mine) and a Clipboard or Heavy Cardboard to create the design on as seen below.

To start off Take a piece of paper and trace a Nutter Butter Cookie. Then Draw on your Turkey Feathers around that. Then within the Turkey feathers break them into 3 sections for your colors. Now I decided to share my Turkey Cookie Pop Template that I used if you like to use mine – you can Download and Print it HERE. Then I use a Clip Board to attach my Template too – makes it easy and it holds it in place for when you add the chocolate. Then take a piece of Wax Paper and cover it up.

Next I created my Beaks using some Orange Starburst Candies I had on hand. This is optional – you can also just create Beaks using some of the Orange Chocolate, but I wanted to add a little something extra. So all I did was Slice my Starburst and then cut out Triangles for the beaks. If you have a hard time cutting them you can stick them into the microwave for a few seconds to soften them up. I did not need to do that, but you can if needed.

The Make n Mold Decorating Bottles are just a plastic bottle I purchased at the Craft Store and they are used for Decorating with Melted Chocolate (These are my new favorite Toys).  All you do is fill it up with the Chocolate Melting Wafers and Microwave it on 50% Power until the Chocolate Melts. Then you just add the Tip back on and you are ready for business.

The Bottle I used for the Yellow Chocolate  is not a fine tip – it is larger, BUT that is only because I did not have 3 of the fine tips on hand at the time. I recommend the Fine Tips.

So start with your Melted Yellow Chocolate and then fill in the center and the first section on the Feathers. Then Place on your Cookie Pop Stick and cover with some more of the Yellow Chocolate, then place your Nutter Butter Cookie on Top.

Next you will use your Melted Orange Chocolate to fill in the next section on the feathers making sure you touch the Yellow Chocolate so it all sticks together when set. Once you have the Orange done then take your Melted Red Chocolate and fill in the last section on the Feathers.

Now for my favorite part – creating the Turkey Face. Using your Melted Chocolate as Glue add two dots where your eyes will go then place your Candy Eyes on Top. Then do the same for the Beak. Then using your Melted Red Chocolate add a Snood on the side of the Beak.  Can I just say I did not know what that thing was called until I had to look it up for this post – A Snood, what a weird word. It is just a flap of skin that hangs over the turkey’s beak.  It turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship. Just some Education while I am at it in case you were not sure like me – lol.

So there you have it – The Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pop is Born !!! So once you are done with that stick it into the freezer for about 5 Minutes to harden and set. Then take it out and carefully remove the wax paper and it is ready.

To display them I took a Styrofoam Base and stuck the Cookie Pops in. I covered the base with some Shredded Paper that looked like Hay and added some Silk Fall Leaves Scattered on top. Perfect Centerpiece for your Kids Fall Party or Thanksgiving Day Dessert Table.

Of course my Sweet Tooth daughter lurks waiting for me to be done taking my photos so she could eat one of these Turkeys. And that is exactly what she did !!

I hope you will be inspired to give these Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops a try – They really are extremely easy to make.

If you create some share a photo with me and I will add it right here for all to see.

“Gobble Gobble”

I love when people put my ideas to work and here are my Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops being used as a Cupcake Topper from Relatively Reagan. What a great way to use them – Love !!!

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26 Responses to “How to Make Nutter Butter Turkey Cookie Pops”
  1. Courtney @ Pizzazzerie says:

    These are darling!

  2. I love this!!!! I will definitely be doing this with my kids this Thanksgiving. Thanks for a great idea!

  3. Awesome – make sure to sen me some pics and have fun with it

  4. AWww Courtney Thanks so much – I think so too – feel free to share.

  5. Amanda Parker @ Shindig says:

    You are amazing! LOVE THIS! Please let me share on my blog soon!!

  6. You go Girl – Share Away !!!

  7. OMGoodness, these are so so so cute! I found these from isharefunfood and these really are some of the cutest things I’ve seen in blogland! May I share on Thanks! Jenn

  8. Of course you can – share away – feel to share any of my posts – I love that. Oh and thanks for loving my Turkeys…gobble gobble.

  9. Thanks for allowing me to share! You are today’s feature 🙂 Have a great day! Jenn

  10. michelle says:

    Oh, these are so cute. I wonder what other cookie could be substituted since my son’s school is “nut” free. I would love to make these!!!!!!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Nutter Butter Turkey Pops. Plan to make a bunch for a Day Care Center I visit. Thank you sooo much.

  12. Yahoo – i love when people use my ideas -Have fun with them and make sure to make extra for you to eat.

  13. Hmmm – maybe you can use a Nilla Wafer instead – would that work? You can use one for the face or combine a large for the bottom and a small one for the top – Head.

  14. Ambrosia says:

    I can’t wait to make these with my boys – soooo cute!!! I linked back to you from my blog, hope that’s ok:

  15. jennifer says:

    wow, totally amazing

  16. Jennfier says:

    There turned out great! I had a peanut allergy to deal with so I used Milano cookies and it was still beautiful! I couldn’t find candy eyes, so i made my own with egg white and sugar frosting, and a little food coloring. I loved these cookies as did my daughters preschool class! Thanks!

  17. Do u have pictures of them?

  18. Ya Know I am not sure where I may have picked them up. You can always find them online if you have time to order some in.

  19. TIna Soto says:

    May I just say…Glad I did a test run on this!!!….lol…I want to make these for my daughters preschool class this thursday, so i bought al of the materials and i did a test run just now….I had a MAJOR problem with the chocolate melts, i placed them in the bottles(the same ones you bought)and put them in the microwave on the defrost setting and after about a minute, i heard SPARKS!! I took them out immediately and saw that the bottoms of my bottles were melting!! Thus causing the candy to burn and spark!!! Scared me half to death!! lol…so,do you think i am doing something wrong? Any tips? Is there another way to melt the candy?

  20. TIna Soto says:

    @ Aimee, the candy eyes are sold at michaels in the cake baking isles…with the wilton products, they are in little packages but they are a little pricey $3.99 for a small package

  21. Laurie D. says:

    I made the turkey pops and they turned out great! They are adorable, but I also had trouble with the bottles “sparking” in the microwave. I had to melt the chocolate in a bowl then put it into the bottles. I kept the bottles in a bowl of hot water while they weren’t being used. My biggest problem was keeping the lids unclogged. That was difficult and time consuming. If anyone has a suggestion on how to keep the chocolate flowing, I’d love to hear it.

  22. I have a couple bottles melt over the times I have used them – maybe 2 of them – not sure why that happens – bad design maybe??? To unclog the tips I just use a toothpick or a skewer – that is the only thing I have found to work.


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