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How to Make Smurf Cookies

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Looking for a Smurftastic Treat? If so I am going to show you how to create Smurf Cookies right here that are Smurfin’ EASY to make, delicious and anyone can do it !!!

When I say anyone can do it I mean it and I am going to show you how step by step. When I create something, like these Smurf Cookies, and do a tutorial the purpose is to keep it simple so that the average person can recreate them. So I am hoping that you will get into the kitchen and give them a try and put a smile on the kids faces when they see these Edible Smurfs on the cookie plate !!

I cannot tell you how excited I am for the New Smurfs Movie coming out. I have been a Smurfs Fan since childhood and they were one of my very favorite toys which I still have to this day. Who knew they would be making a comeback and over 30 years later I would be in my kitchen creating Smurf Cookies for my own kids. Crazy right? Did I just say over 30 years – Holy SMURF !!!

To start off I needed an EASY Sugar Cookie Recipe that would taste good and hold its shape when baking. I gave a shout out on my Facebook Page and my friend Linette from Kids Fun Reviewed came to my rescue and shared one of hers with me. This is the one I used and it worked perfectly. “Thanks Linette” ❤

Recipe for Sugar Cookies I used to make these Smurf Cookies:

  • 3/4 Cup Butter (Softened)
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • 1 1/2 Cups Flour
  • 1 Tsp. Vanilla

Blend together Butter and Sugar. Then add in Vanilla. Slowly mix in Flour until mixture forms a crumbly ball that holds together when you knead it.

I doubled this recipe and was able to get almost 12 Smurf Cookies from it.

Now I decided to create the 6 Main Smurf Characters from the Smurfs Movie which are Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Grouchy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Clumsy Smurf and Gutsy Smurf.  You can do the same or just create a Basic Smurf Cookie it is up to you.

Here are the other supplies I used to create the Smurf Cookies:

  • Royal Blue Food Coloring Gel
  • Red Food Coloring Gel (Papa Smurfs Hat)
  • Yellow Food Coloring Gel (Smurfettes’s Hair)
  • Peach Food Coloring Gel (Gutsy’s Sideburns)
  • Black Decorators Icing – Small Tube
  • Red Decorators Icing – Small Tube (for Tongues if you want to add them)
  • Toothpick

I am going to start by giving you a Step by Step on how to create a Basic Smurf Cookie and once again it is so Smurfin’ EASY !!! So lets go….. Oh and it does help if you sing the Smurfs Theme Song as you go – so I will help get you started ” La La La La La La La La La…”

To start split all your Dough Up. One large portion will be dyed Blue by mixing in a few drops of the Royal Blue Food Coloring Gel, another large portion will be left alone for the Hats and if you are doing the other Smurfs you will need a small amount of Yellow for Smurfette’s Hair and Red for Papa Smurfs Hat. So far so EASY?

I started by rolling a ball (not sure the exact size maybe like an inch or more??) I placed it on an ungreased Cookie Sheet. Then I flattened it with my palm. I then cleaned up the edges smoothing them out with my fingers to get rid of any cracks.

Next I made a small ball that would be used for the ear. I then placed it on the side of the face and pressed it down. Then I smoothed that using my fingers.

Time for the nose !! Take another small piece of dough and make a long Oval Shape. Press this on the opposite side of the ear sorta pointing up as shown in the pic.

For the eyes I took 2 small pieces of Dough that was not colored and added them right above the nose.

For the Smurfs Hat I took a piece of the Dough that was not colored and made a ball. I then formed it into a triangle shape. I placed it on the top of the Smurf head and with my fingers pressed it on. Make sure to overlap it a bit or your hat will fall off after it is cooked.

Next shape the hat and fold it over like shown in the pic. Then I took a toothpick and added some extra lines to show creasing. Still EASY right?

Next I took small pieces of the Blue Dough to create part of the eyes. Now I chose to do Blue on the eyes and then add Black later to resemble the computer animated Smurfs in the Movie. You can choose to do just black if you like – either would work just fine. Then I took a toothpick and made a smile that I will later fill with black. Each Smurf has a different personality obviously so you can have fun with the mouth and eye shapes, but I wanted to make a Happy Smurf for this tutorial.

Time to bake our Smurf !!! I baked the Smurf at 350 for approx 8-10 minutes. After he came out I took the back of a butter knife and just cleaned up the edges by gently pushing them in for a cleaner look.

Once the Smurf Cookie was cooled I took my Black Decorators Icing and added in final details. I added Black on the Blue Eyes for pupils. I then filled in my smile and gave some definition to the ear. I even added some eyebrows for fun too !! That is it !!! I told you it was Smurfin’ EASY !!

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it truly is easy and I wanted to make sure you saw each one as I did it for the first time.  The other Smurfs are created pretty much the same way with variations to the Hat and added features. Once you have the Basic Smurf down you should be able to create the others just as Easy.

I have taken some photos of me creating the other Smurfs which I will share below.

Here is how I made Papa Smurf. Again very EASY, just a bit more work and a little different than the Basic Smurf Cookie above. His hat was the same Dough just colored with the Red Food Coloring Gel and his beard was the uncolored Dough and then I took a toothpick to add lines. He also had eyelids which were just small pieces of the Blue Dough. The last picture shows him before he went into the oven (Note: I also added on his eyebrows which are not shown prior to him being baked) and then got his final touches with the Black Icing when all cooled.

This is how Smurfette was created using some Yellow colored Dough for her hair and she also had eyelids which were added using small pieces of Blue Dough. The last picture shows her prior to being baked and the final touches with Black Icing added.

NOTE: Brainy Smurf was pretty Basic with the addition of his Glasses done with the Black Decorators Icing, Grouchy Smurf had the addition of the Eyebrows and Clumsy Smurf had the open mouth. Gutsy Smurf had the addition of Sideburns and Eyebrows which I added some of the Peach Food Coloring Gel to after he was baked with a Toothpick for color – he also had eyelids and a Blue Pom Pom on the end of his hat.

I was very happy with how they turned out, but the true test is the kids.

Unfortunately my Son was not home to try them, but when my Daughter came home and saw them on the plate her eyes lit up and of course she went right for the Smurfette Cookie. My hubby got to eat the Papa Smurf Cookie and I ate the Grouchy Smurf Cookie (he is my favorite – don’t ask my family why – lol). I am saving the Brainy Smurf Cookie for my son when he comes home.

I must say they were SMURFALICIOUS !!!

These Smurf Cookies will be a hit at your Smurfs Birthday Party or for a fun treat after you take the kids to see the New Smurfs Movie, so get in the kitchen and give them a try !!

If you create some Smurf Cookies using my Tutorial be sure to send me some photos, I would love to see them.

Have a Smurftastic Day !!!

For all my Smurfy Party Ideas visit my Smurfs Movie Birthday Party Theme post here:

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8 Responses to “How to Make Smurf Cookies”
  1. Linette says:

    So fun! Almost like playing with playdough isn’t it?

  2. Yes it was – I had way too much fun making these

  3. Pam says:

    THese are so cool! I just featured them on Pams Party Planning because your tutorial is awesome. I think we might try and make some this week. My kids dont really get the whole smurf thing yet, but I am sure they will soon.

  4. Aww Thank you so much !!! The kids will all about the Smurfs once they see the movie – us parents all ready have a head start – lol

  5. Karin says:

    I can’t wait to do this…is it not really necessary to chill the dough before starting all this cute prep…i am a novice at this and have all the stuff to do it for my baby’s 2nd birthday in 2 days!

  6. bri2000 says:

    hey i want to make these but what is the temperature in degrees that u cook them at

  7. Elk says:

    BEST POST EVER!!! Can’t thank you enough for the tutorial. 🙂